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For all inquiries regarding foreign rights including overseas translation rights please contact

Julie Raddysh


All materials published by New Society Publishers is protected under copyright law.Written permission from the publisher is required to reproduce any part of these materials, whether in print, online, or in audio or video format. Examples which require permissions include a short quotation from one book to be used in another book, a table or chart from a book to be reprinted in a newsletter or a magazine, a section of a book to be photocopied for classroom use, etc.All permission requests must include:

  • Title, author and ISBN of our book
  • Title, author and publisher of your publication
  • The material from our book you wish to reproduce – please use page numbers from our book and not information from some other excerpt.
  • Format of your publication (hardcover, softcover, on-line, audio, video, etc.)
  • Expected page count of your publication
  • Territory of distribution for your publication (U.S., North America, world, etc.)
  • Expected print run or audience size
  • Expected publication date
  • Retail price of your publication (if applicable)
  • Contact information

Note: if you are wishing to copy pages from one of our books for use in a school classroom please send the request on school letterhead, or from a school email address, and provide the following:

  • School, professor and course information
  • Number of students in the course
  • Exact pages from the book that you wish to copy.

How to Submit Your Request

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing of your request.

Submit by Email,
Attn: Jean Wyenberg

Submit by Mail

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