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Publishing with New Society - What’s in it for you?

We understand the blood, sweat, tears, and love that goes into writing a book. We often equate the writing and publishing process to birthing a baby, and we know you wouldn’t hand your baby over to just anyone. You want someone who shares the same goals and values, is an expert in their field, and that you trust completely.

So let us share some of the reasons you should trust us with your baby.

A Tribe of Changemakers

New Society authors have been setting the agenda and driving positive change for over 35 years. With over 500 books published, some across a dozen languages, our tribe of changemakers are out there making it happen on the ground. Join us and help change the world for the better.

Passionate Professionals

We share your passion. We are driven by the ideal of a healthy, just, and diverse world of ecological integrity, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Through our work, we strive to be the change we all want to see.

We have decades of combined publishing experience across all of the key areas of editorial, production and printing, marketing and sales, with deep connections to key media in our sector, a team of data experts who enhance your discoverability, and sales reps who sell our books to the book trade worldwide.

We keep ahead of the curve through education and attending conferences and events, and our editorial team are both highly experienced in publishing and work to keep a finger on the pulse of the sustainability movement.

When we believe in a project, we take on the risk and the many costs involved in publishing. We ensure an author’s work is properly vetted and presented to the world with credibility and a professionalism we can all stand behind.

Complete Marketing and Sales Support

  • Customized marketing plan developed with you for your book
  • An active conference and event program and deep connections with partners
  • Thorough distribution to retailers, etailers, wholesalers, and library suppliers worldwide
  • Rich, clean data about your book broadcast to the book trade worldwide
  • Warehousing of books in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia for rapid deployment
  • On-the-ground sales reps in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, and beyond
  • Extensive foreign-language rights contacts with publishers worldwide
  • An active and growing audiobook program.
  • Promotion to thousand of brand-loyal readers

Professional Book Production

We pride ourselves on the highest editorial and production standards, working with a team of dedicated professionals who bring decades of experience to bear to produce beautiful print and ebooks.

We Walk Our Talk

At New Society Publishers, we care deeply about what we publish — but also about how we do business.

  • We print all our books in North America, never overseas.
  • In 2001 we became the first publisher in North America to commit to publishing all of our forthcoming titles on acid-free paper that is Forest Stewardship Council certified, 100% old growth forest-free (100% post-consumer recycled), processed chlorine free, and printed with vegetable-based, low-VOC inks
  • In 2005 we became the first publishing company in North America to go carbon neutral
  • In 2016 we became a certified B Corporation
  • In 2015 New Society employees became shareholders in the company.

It's a Collaboration

This is your baby, and we know you don’t want to lose sight of it. Many authors feel they could lose their creative control when they work with a publisher, but New Society is all about relationships and collaboration. We are passionate about our authors and getting their voices and messages out to the world in the most clear and professional manner.

Our team works directly with you all through the process, which is explained in detail in our author handbook. There are many steps to publishing your book, from cover design, editorial, production, proofreading, indexing, and printing, through to marketing, promotion, and sales. We will lead you through the process and be there to guide you every step of the way. Personal relationships and collaboration are key to our publishing mandate and critical to our success and longevity.

Come join us!