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Sun shining through the trees

With an unprecedented crisis comes great responsibility and opportunity.

The planet and humanity are facing climate breakdown, ecosystem and biodiversity loss, and other earth system stresses coupled with social and economic inequity and inequality. Underpinning these compounding crises is a dominant worldview of our separation from nature and each other, which has enabled oppressive ideologies and political systems and destructive perpetual growth economics within a finite biosphere. We recognize that we operate within this context, at times benefiting from it, while also experiencing collective loss.

There is an opportunity for the human community to come together, recognize our shared responsibility and interdependence, and imagine and co-create a just transition to a better future. One that is ecologically regenerative, honours and promotes biological, human, and cultural diversity and thriving, upholds equity, justice, and peace, and reintegrates all of humanity into a symbiotic community with nature.


The intent of this Statement of Ethics is to act as a framework to guide our actions and facilitate feedback for continuous improvement of our work.

It is also intended to bridge the gap between those whose viewpoints, values, and life experiences differ from our own. Our goal is for it to act as a catalyst to open conversations and foster relationships with organizations, businesses, authors, and readers.

Statement of Ethics

  1. We are committed to publishing on topics that advance our Mission and Vision.
  2. We respect, celebrate, and include all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, physical ability, class, or age, and dedicate resources to professional development with this in mind.
  3. Our words and actions embody respect for truth, fairness, free inquiry, and the opinions of others. We will recognize our common humanity, and endeavour to create safe spaces for respectful dialogue.
  4. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia*, hate-speech, and discrimination or contributions that could be interpreted as such.
  5. We remain open, flexible, and responsive to arising issues and to review continuously our decision-making policies through an equity lens.
  6. We will post our Mission and Vision statement, Statement of Ethics, and relevant formal policies clearly and with transparency.
  7. We are mindful of our interdependence within the biosphere and we recognize that the resources we use in conducting business have impacts on its abundance. We strive to make business decisions that minimize those impacts.
  8. We honour the history of Non-Violent Communication within our organization and remain committed to the fundamental principles.
  9. We will foster a diverse, professional, and resourceful team who honour work-life balance.
  10. We hold the work of New Society Publishers in trust, taking on the responsibility to maintain the company’s financial well-being, so that it may be passed on for future generations, while recognizing that prosperity means more than money.



New Society Publishers Land Acknowledgment and a Call for Decolonization